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VIDEO: Police officer arrested, caught on camera taking bribe

The Nigeria Police Force has arrested an officer identified as Sgt Onuh Makedomu, attached to 49 PMF caught taking bribe in a viral video.

The force in a series of tweets on its official Twitter page identified the officer in the video as Sgt Onuh Makedomu, attached to 49 PMF.

The officer in question is currently being investigated at the Orderly Room trial on a two count charge of Discreditable Conduct and Corrupt Practices at the Provost department of the Lagos State Police Command.

The post read: “The Police officer caught on video collecting bribe from an innocent Nigerian has since been identified and arrested.

“The non-commissioned officer, Force No.431625, Sgt Onuh Makedomu, attached to 49 PMF, but presently on special duty with the Safer Highways Patrol, Lagos is currently undergoing Orderly Room trial on a two count charge of Discreditable Conduct and Corrupt Practices at the Provost department of the Lagos State Police Command.

“Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police, IGP M.A Adamu NPM, mni has enjoined the good citizen, who courageously brought the inglorious act of the officer to the public domain,to meet with the Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, to recover the money extorted from him by the delinquent officer.”

Newsflash247 gathered that police officer has been caught on camera demanding and collecting bribe from a motorist.

The officer, as seen in the four-minute video, went on to lie to his colleagues about the amount he collected from the motorist.

The video has been shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The date and location where the video was filmed remained unknown as at the time of filing this report.

“Out of the N15,000, if I remove N10,000, how much go come remain? N5,000? No, e no go work?” the man, wearing a police uniform and holding a rifle, is seen in the video arguing with the motorist, using Pidgin English.

“Na wetin wey dey be dat!” the motorist responded, showing no sign he was willing to offer more than N15,000.

The motorist is seen in the video holding out a wad of 1,000 naira notes for the officer who is on the passenger’s seat, besides the driver.

The officer fiddled with a mobile phone and acted as though he was reluctant to collect the bribe. He momentarily placed the phone to his ear, as though he wanted to make a call.

“You know wetin you go do eh?” the officer suddenly asked the man, sounding as if he was concerned and wanted to offer help.

“This man wey I call, him money na N10,000. The N5,000, na him I go come tell my people? Complete that money N20k, so that….”

The motorist cuts in “Oga, I can’t lie for you. Just consider me, please!”

“Me, I don tell you wetin I suppose tell you,” the officer quipped.

The officer at some point in the bargain instructed the motorist to slow down the car, he then began to negotiate a fresh ‘deal’ on how to outsmart his fellow cops who were apparently expecting the bribe.

“This one, it is a secret I am trying to tell you,” he said.

“You will bring N10,000 out of this money, give to that guy. You hear me? For there, you go tell them say na N5,000 you give me.”

The motorist counted N10,000 from the money, gave it to the officer who went on to make a call, apparently to his superior and pleaded with him on behalf of the motorist. He lied in the phone conversation that the motorist gave him N5,000.

“How we go do for this guy, e no even get money!” he said on the phone.

Watch the video here:


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