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VIDEO: Police At A Checkpoint Caught In Ekiti Asks Driver To “Pay” Him Via Bank Transfer

A Nigerian Policeman at a checkpoint in Ekiti was caught on camera asking a driver for a bribe, even if the driver didn’t have cash, he should pay him via bank transfer.

The source said that most of the checkpoints in Ekiti, police there are taken bribes from drivers and the passengers who are internal fraud, popularly known as yahoo boys.

Source gathered that the police in Ekiti is taken Yahoo boys to point-of-sale (POS) nearby the checkpoint to collect the money before releasing him.

Recall that a commercial truck driver identified as Ado Saleh was allegedly shot dead last week Monday by a police officer, following his refusal to pay N100 bribe to police officers at a checkpoint along Akure-Owo expressway in Ondo State.

According to eyewitnesses, the truck driver was stopped by the police officer who, along with some other officers, were on a stop and search duty.

The officer allegedly asked for N100 bribe but the truck driver refused to give him

There was an exchange of words and the officer allegedly opened fire on the truck driver, shooting him in the head and he died instantly.

Watch the video:


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