#Ultimate Love reality show: Nigerians ask top five questions

Ultimate Love, Nigeria’s first love reality TV show, which was launched on African Magic channel 198, Ch.151, Ch.154 and Ch.153 on Sunday, February 9, 2020, has left some viewers confused about the dynamics of the game.

The show centers on finding love of 16 housemates consisting of 8-single guys and 8-single ladies, living together in the ‘Love Residence’ for eight weeks.

The organisers released the identities of the show.

Here are the names of the 8 guys:

  • Arnold
  •  David Wilson
  • Iyke
  • Jay
  •  Kachi
  •  Louis
  • Obichukwu
  • Michael

Below are the names of the 8 ladies:

  • Bolanle
  • Cherry
  • Chris
  • Ebiteinye
  • Jenny Koko
  •  Rosie
  • Theresa
  • Nkechi

These ‘love guests’ as they are referred to, are expected to find love during the show after which the winner will be rewarded with five Million Naira, a house, and a sponsored traditional wedding.

However, the organizers of the show failed to provide straightforward answers to some of the questions on the minds of the viewers:

1. Is the Ultimate Love reality show here to replace the popular Big Brother Naija reality show? Since nothing has been heard from the organizers of the annual Big Brother Naija reality television show as regarding if the show will still hold in 2020, Nigerians are now wondering if the Ultimate Love Guests show is here to take the place of the BBN. Some have even described the new show as a low budget BBN.

2. Since there are sixteen love guests in the house, how are the 2 love birds expected to emerge at the end? What is the method of eviction adopted?

Another question that comes to mind is if there will be the eviction of housemates. Nigerians are in the dark as to how the final couple will emerge. Yes, there will be voting, but what will be the outcome of votes. Will housemates be evicted from the house or will the 16 love guests stay in the house till the end?

3. How was the love quests selected?
To some viewers, the housemates just appeared from nowhere. There was no publicity about the auditioning for housemates as it is popular with the BBN.

4. What would be the activities of the love guests in the house?

What will they be preoccupied with for a period of 60 days? Having followed the events of the new reality show for the past 24 hours, one would wonder what will keep the housemates occupied for the duration of the end. What games would be introduced? What would be the tasks? How would the housemates be called to order? Who’ll play the role of Biggy since the show fashioned after BBN?

5. What is the parameter to measure the love among couples and how will they be merged? Now, the big question is, how will the love be measured? What will determine the realness of the love existing among the two best couples? Nigerians think some love guests may pretend to be in love, plan to emerge as the best couple after which they’ll go their separate ways.

There have also been no explanations as to how the housemates would be merged. Will they be joined together by natural circumstances or be merged by the organizers?

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