Shatta Bandle Claims To Be Richer Than Dangote, His Biography And Net Worth

Idris Firdaus, popularly knows as Shatta Bandle is a self-acclaimed billionaire in his 20’s. He claims to be richer than Aliko Dangote whose net worth is $9.7 billion. He is a Ghanaian and a Northerner from a small village called Karaga

Shatta Bandle is a Ghanaian social media sensation who took over the internet in the year 2019 and he never stopped amazing his followers on various social media platforms.

Realizing the advantages of social media, Shatta Bandle who had a dream of taking over, started by picking on rich men in the country by showing off his luxuries. He has been rated as one of the smartest social media users of our time

Ghanaian diminutive personality Shatta Bandle has become the latest internet sensation following his sudden rise to fame.

After bragging to be richer than African richest Aliko Dangote and American billionaire Bill Gate, people are keen to know more about the mystery man who has got the internet buzzing overnight.

He was often seen in big cars, flaunting lots of cash, and mansions on social media.

His major principle that led to his success in less than 12 months was consistency on social media and his ability to court attention. Before September, Shatta Bandle had over 50 headlines on West African entertainment portals.


For this, Newsflash247 would like to give you the raw facts about Shatta Bandle.

Shatta Bandle whose original name is Idris Firdaus. He is a Ghanaian and a Northerner from a small village called Karaga.

The diminutive personality has an adult height of less than 147 centimetres (4 ft 10 in). He is really short, he has been short right from infancy, not by accident, its natural

The name Bandle according to him is coined out of the bundles of money he’s seen lavishing around.

Aside from being referred to as Shatta Bandle, he’s as well known as the young, young rich nigga‘ his second aka.

But one thing that still remains a secret is Shatta Bandle’s real age. Though he’s naturally smallish, one can note he’s an adult who has probably crossed the 20s, but on uncountable occasions, he had brushed off questions to reveal his real age and made jokes about it.

Idris Firdaus, widely known as Shatta Bandle has no formal education and he does not intend to ever step in the classroom.

According to him, education does not define fame or bestow on a life the kind of luxury he’s currently enjoying.

Shatta Bandle Biography

On that, he’s not fluent in English but he speaks his mother’s tongue Dagbani very well.

Now to whether Shatta Bandle is rich or not, we know that Shatta Bandle is the ‘small boy’ of one Ghanaian rich man called Nana Kojo Boateng popularly known as Dada Joe Remix.

Dada Joe Remix is a millionaire who is into real estate development. He is the man behind the riches Shatta Bandle keeps flaunting everywhere.

The gold chains, the cars, the money, the mansions and all the flashy things Bandle flashes are his — meaning the oil and gas business Shatta Bandle brags to own may be for him or Shatta Bandle is doing the normal ‘talk, talk’.

And if you’ve ever sighted the net worth of Shatta Bandle anywhere, check your sources because Google doesn’t even know Bandle yet. His net worth is not known, but just a week ago, he bragged that he’s worth over $ 70 million.

Talking about his love life, Shatta Bandle was seen with one fair lady at the early stages of his fame, the lady’s identity was never revealed until she got out of sight!

Lately, Shatta Bandle has been gushing over two ‘posh’ Ghanaian ladies; Moesha Boduong and Hajia4real. He has in the past been spotted with the latter but it’s obviously for fun as those two hot girls have their minds and hearts pinned elsewhere long ago.

Ghanaian midget Shatta Bandle shot to fame after revealing in a series of videos that he’s richer than African richest Aliko Dangote and American billionaire Bill Gate.

Shatta Bandle has continually released different shades of videos to brag about his wealth and how he spends his money; in the beginning, he was a nuisance but lately taken as a comedian for many people.

A few weeks ago, Rudeboy of former P-Square fame featured Shatta Bandle in a video for his song, Audio Money which chalked a million views in a day.

The success of the video has been attributed to Shatta Bandle’s involvement since it’s his first major deal after he shot to fame.

Now fame was pursued and found. It is left with how to manage it to last.


Bandle comes from the Northern Region, specifically, Tamale. He speaks Dagbani.


The diminutive personality has an adult height of less than 147 centimetres (4 ft 10 in). He is really short, he has been short right from infancy, not by accident, its natural.


Talking about Shatta Bandle’s girlfriend, no single lady can be referred to as his girlfriend. He has been seen with couple of ladies which he has flaunted on social media. But, we may cast our minds to a video in which he was seen kissing a girl in her early 20’s. Could be his girlfriend though, he’s yet to show one girl to the world who is ideally his girlfriend.


Shatta Bandle is a music lover, he has a single he has been promoting anytime he has the chance to address the media, dubbed We Go Make Am. His favorite musician/artiste in Ghana is Maccasio.

He also has a thing for Shatta Wale, but will on any occasion die for Maccasio who is believed to have inspired his initiative to be active on social media.

In Nigeria, initially, Bandle had expressed interest in Wizkid until Rudeboy featured him in his music video for Audio Money and took him to places.


Shatta Bandle has flaunted mansions, he does not just have a single house. As rich as he claims he is, Bandle has flaunted numerous mansions on social media. He has, according to himself, about three mansions in Ghana. However, we later found out the mansions do not belong to him, but rather a friend of his.


Shatta Bandle has flaunted a fleet of cars believed to be his on social media. Per photos sighted, he owns a G-Wagon, Chevrolet, Benz, Range Rover, A Jeep Wrangler, and a Corolla.

Shatta Bandle Biography


Shatta Bandle has been bragging about being richer than the likes of Dangote who is worth 9.2 billion USD. Not long ago, he was mistakenly sighted on the World’s Richest List, as one of the world’s richest men in 2019. Looking at how he parades himself, Bandle, since he is richer than Dangote, should be worth over 9.2 billion USD, since he claims to be the richest boy in Africa.


Just when social media users were believing Bandle, an insider blew his cover and exposed how the self-acclaimed young rich niqqa makes all the cash he flaunts on social media. Apparently, the cars, houses, and cash he flaunts on social media do not belong to him. They belong to a friend of his Nana Kojo Boateng (popularly known as Dada Joe Remix). He has been reportedly seen around Shatta Bandle and some reports claim he sponsors Shatta.

Shatta bandle Wiki Facts

Already a big African name, you obviously might be wondering what Shatta bandle wiki facts will entail. Here covers top information about his personality.

  • Shatta bandle is a big fan of Wizkid.
  • He is dwarf who is proud of himself.
  • Shatta Bandle is from the Northern part of Ghana.
  • Shatta Bandle is in his early 20’s.
  • Shatta bandle is not a Millionaire, but acting under frame.
  • Shatta bandle is a smart Social Media attention seeker for the Year 2019.

We wish Shatta Bandle the best of luck out of his newly found fame.

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