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Police arrests pastor for selling anointing oil for ₦1m per bottle

The Nigerian Police Force on Saturday, December 28 has arrested the founder and president of Jesus Deliverance Ministry in Abuja, Pastor Shola Akande who allegedly selling anointing oil to his Church members for one million Naira per bottle.

According to the man of God, the power in the oil can make a poor man a millionaire in less than one month, it can heal any sickness, it can raise the dead and it works signs and wonders.

He further said that he is not forcing anyone to but, it is all about choice, but those who chose to buy will gain it hundred times.

Many Christians in Nigeria condemned the activity, they said that selling anointing oil is not Biblical, there is no where you can find in the Bible where the Apostles sold anointing oil.

According to livetimesng reported that “one of the members, some people bought 2 bottles which is two Million Naria, while some bought more than that for their friends.

The man of God is among wealthy pastors in Nigeria, he makes more than 20 Million Naria every Sunday.

Pastor Shola Akande

Meanwhile, Newsflash247 had earlier reported that a Ghanaian pastor of the “Endtime Church Of Nation” on Sunday, December 15, has compulsory church members to drink his used bath water during the church programme.

According to the viral video shared on social media, a Ghanaian pastor of ‘Endtime Church Of Nation’ has been spotted in a very awkward situation.

In a video of a pastor bathing in church and serving his church members his bath water to drink has sparked up mixed reactions to social media.

The Ghanaian pastor was spotted in his boxers taking a dip in a barrel filled with water in the church.

However, shortly after speaking to his church members, they were spotted lining up to drink from a cup filled with his bath water.

Local news platforms reported that the Pastor told his members that God instructed him to pull off the act.

According to him, anyone who drinks from his bath water will get more blessings

Source: livetimesng.com


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