Nigerians Criticise Interior Minister, Aregbesola’s Credentials

Nigerians on social media during the week bemoaned the credentials of President Muhammadu Buhari’s minister.

Happenings Nigeria had published the credentials of the then minister-designate to ascertain their befitting ministries which was riposted on Nairaland.

However, before the president allotted portfolio to his ministers on Wednesday members took to the platform to express their disdain.

This also continued till Thursday and generated over lots of comments.

While some flayed Buhari for appointing those alleged of corruption in the past as ministers, others queried the credentials of his ministers.

Meanwhile, the immediate past governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola received the most bashing as result of his credentials.

A nairaland user, @Mikefem said Aregbesola as no cognate work experience even in the engineering field- either public or private and yet might be assigned works ministry.

According to his credential, the former governor of Osun state, has no work experience before his appointment as commissioner in Lagos state in 1999 and has never successfully managed a company.

Another user said, “Look at Aregbesola’s profile. No cognate work experience even in the engineering field- either public or private and yet might be assigned works ministry. Just politics!

@leksonltd — “Some of these guys have very disappointing credentials. What qualification does Adamu Adamu have to head Education ministry. In as much as like certain things about these people, I don’t celebrate mediocrity.”

Another who commented blamed Buhari for “recycling former looters” adding that Nigerian should not be expecting wonder in the administration

The user said, “The ministerial appointment is just a reward system, not a call to service. He who expects nothing from no one is never disappointed.”

@paix said, “The list does not surprise me one bit. After a long wait, this is the best Buhari can present as a list of ministers. Well, Buhari can only eat the meals his KITCHEN CABINET cooked for him. How I wish, I can just press a button to fast forward this regime to its end. Sincerely I don tire for this government.”

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