Makinde Faces Huge Task Over Cabinet’s Selection From Coalition

The three parties through a coalition contributed to the victory of PDP’s Seyi Makinde as Oyo State Governor during the last election.

Newsflash247 learnt that forming a cabinet so early into his tenure is a huge task for the governor.

“The power-sharing formula agreed upon was 50 per cent for PDP, 30 for ADC, 15 for ZLP and 5 percent for SDP. The sharing, according to the agreement, will be at the state and local government levels.

“But upholding the agreement has been tough for Makinde as his PDP members are not dropping their guards at the local government level.

Although they are fully in support of the formula for cabinet and board appointments, the PDP members and leaders are insisting that it will be impossible to allow non-PDP members to serve as local government chairmen,” the medium stated.

The report further stated that members of the coalition are not willing to join the PDP which has further compounded the situation and made the implementation of the coalition agreement more difficult for the new governor.

“It is unclear if those appointed into the cabinet among coalition members will be willing to join the PDP after a while to guarantee their loyalty and ultimate sustenance of Makinde’s administration.

“Within the next few weeks that the governor will form his cabinet, voters and politicians in the state are watching how Makinde will cross the hurdle. His success or failure in managing the coalition may determine what to expect in the 2023 governorship election in the state.”

Last week the governor inaugurated an advisory council – a former gubernatorial candidate was appointed among the council but was absent at the inauguration. He had said that he was on a trip to Abuja as explanation for his absent from the inauguration.

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