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I Can Raise Kobe Bryant From Dead If 10% Of His Wealth Is Given To Me – Popular Prophet

A man of God, Prophet Nigel makes a shocking revelation about the death of five times world Basketball Champion, Kobe Bryant, says, he will bring him back to life.

As the world continues in the mourning of the death of the National Basketball Association (NBA) legend, Kobe Bryant, a man of God, Prophet Nigel, on Monday, January 27, has made a shocking revelation about the raising the dead to life.

He acclaimed prophet said God told him that he will raise Kobe Bryant from the dead if 10% of his net worth is given to him.

Prophet Nigel while speaking further on Monday at an evening service said without the attached condition (10% of Kobe’s Net Worth), there is no way he could bring him and his daughter back to life because that is the instructions from the almighty God.

After this revelation, the man of God asked his congregation to pray I tongues and thanks God for wanting to use him to bring Kobe back to life.

Prophet Nigel warned the congregation not to have any doubt about the miracle the God want to do through him to raise Kobe and his daughter to life again.

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