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COVID-19: Fayemi directs Ekiti civil servants to stay at home; Churches, Mosques ban

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, on Friday, March 20 has ordered the Ekiti civil and public servants from level 12 and below to stay at home to work in the state indefinitely as measures in preventing the spread of Coronavirus disease in the state.

The affected institutions, except essential services like health workers, Caregivers, social welfare officers, fire service officers, emergency response officers, and security guards/ watchmen in public institutions.

Also, all public and private schools and institutions in Ekiti State are to close down from Monday 23rd March 2020

The governor said all public gatherings of more than 20 persons are prohibited from today Friday 20th March 2020.

These include: religious gatherings e.g. worship and prayer services, night vigils, house fellowships and Nasfat meetings; social gatherings e.g. burials, weddings, family meetings and parties of any kind; political gatherings, e.g. rallies, congresses, ward meetings; night clubs, bars, beer joints, NYSC CDS meetings etc.

All non-essential workers in private and public sectors are encouraged to work from home from Monday 23rd March 2020.

These include civil and public servants from level 12 and below; except essential services like health workers, caregivers, social welfare officers, fire service officers, emergency response officers, and securityguards/ watchmen in public institutions.

Government officials are advised to keep their phone lines open as they may be required to come to the office when needed.

No overloading of passengers in public transportation with effect from today.

Commercial vehicles must ensure only one person is sitting in the front seat with the driver and not more than 3 passengers on a row in the backseat.

Okadas must carry only one passenger each to minimize close contact as much as possible.

Citizens must wash their hands regularly with liquid soap under running water multiple times every day to avoid virus transfer.

All public places must provide hand washing implements at the entrance and exit of their facility.

A running tap with safe drainage or a Veronica bucket with running water and liquid soaps or hand sanitizers must be made available at motor parks, eateries, banks, shops, offices and any place with significant human traffic to encourage frequent hand washing.

Market men and women must practice hand washing under running water with liquid soap at least 6 times a day in their stalls.

This is to minimize the transfer of virus picked up in the process of buying and selling.

Citizens visiting markets must ensure they wash their hands with soap under running water as soon as they leave the market before they get home.

Unnecessary travels in and out of Ekiti State are hereby discouraged at this time. While we cannot totally shut down the state, we must minimize unnecessary traffic especially from out-of-state, so we can protect our citizens from further importation of the virus and also protect the rest of the country by minimizing the exportation of any virus which may be present in Ekiti State.

All directives are until further notice.

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