Couple Absent On Wedding Day, Wed With Photos In Lagos

A couple were absent in Lagos on Saturday, August 31, being their wedding day but were represented by their photos.

A source gathered that the couple was outside Nigeria, but their parent already fixed the date of their wedding and they rented a 5-star hall.

According to the man who identified as Daddy Tola narrated the story on his Twitter page.

Daddy Tola said he attended a wedding in Lagos which the couple were absent, but were represented by their photos.

This is a thread
“Lagosians” won’t cease to amaze me 😂😂😂😂
I was invited to a wedding ceremony today, wore my starched agbada ( yes, that same agbada that I’ve been wearing for months), farabale polished my shoe, wore a nice perfume thinking I’m going to a proper wedding 😩😩

Then the “Alaga Ijoko and Iduro” invited the bride and the groom to come forward 😂😂😂😂
Me I’ve sharply set my camera to capture the moment, set the iSO and aperture to the desired settings.
Gave myself the perfect distance and I was ready to make a mad couple entrance then 😩

Then I saw a man and a lady carrying 2 printed pillows and I was there asking my friend, where’s the bride ?
Where’s the groom ?
Then she said, they’re not in Nigeria, the wedding was organized for them
So I came here because of pillow 😩, they rented a 5 star hall >>

Everyone is mad in 9ja
I’ll leave here as soon as I’m done with my meat 😎

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