Chris Attoh’s Wife Was Killed By Her Drug Baron Husband In The USA

There are some shocking new developments surrounding the death of Jenifer Bettie, Wife of popular Nollywood actor and screen sweatheart, Chris Attoh.

New information indicates that  Jenifer Bettie was married to a convicted drug lord in the USA known as Kedrick Jenifer A.K.A  “Ricky Jenifer,” “James Howard Collier, Jr.” and “Rick,” who has been sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in jail for very serious drug charges, his sentencing records are public and can be accessed in the US department of Justice website.

Here is the catch, Chris Attoh was unaware that his wife was currently married to another man when he went ahead with his wedding, Jenifer was not only married to just any other man, but a crooked drug lord in Maryland, this sparked a sudden friction between Chris Attoh and his wife.

Kedrick filed for divorce from Jenifer on April 9th, 2019, this is seen on the US county court divorce cases website.

Jenifer also filled for divorce from Kedrick some days later, precisely on the 15th of April, the case can be seen here..

Both divorce cases were still active as at the time she was trailed by a gunman and shot multiple times which led to her death.

Jenifer Bettie is guilty of bigamy as she ran 2 marriages concurrently both his Chris Attoh and her drug lord husband. The drug lord husband is the primary suspect for her murder case.

It will be recalled that Chris Attoh dumped his Nigerian wife, Damilola Adegbite over irreconcilable differences.

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