Yoruba People Contributed Nothing To Buhari’s Victory – Kano APC Chieftain

Alhaji Shamsudeen Usman, Kano APC leader has frowned at the insinuation that the Yorubas or the South West was responsible for the Buhari’s victory, calling the whole assumption as rubbish.

Alhaji Usman said that “the entire South-West just contributed about 500,000 margin votes which is smaller as compared to what the entire Zamfara, delivered to GMB, not to even call states in the Northeast or Kano”.
NOTE: The actual vote margin for Buhari in the 6 states in South West is 611,777 votes according to INEC results.

“So what’s it that the region is bringing to blackmail Buhari into handing over the government to Tinubu who thinks controlling Lagos is same as Buhari?”.

Concluding his Sermons on Game of Overthrown, Alhaji Usman said:
“Each time we talk about Buhari’s administration, people are quick to remind us that without the South-west region, GMB wouldn’t have emerged, that’s a lie, with or without that region he would have, it was time for Jonathan to leave and nothing would have stopped him [GMB.]”

The Borno governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima made a similar statement last month when he condemned Yorubas that are claiming that they are responsible or should be given credit for Buhari’s victory.

Governor Shettima said that the real heroes of the Buhari victory are the Igbos in APC, who ensured that President Jonathan didn’t get massive votes in the South East the way he received in 2011, not the South West.

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