Xenophobia Attacks: South Africa returnee laments, says he left his baby there

  • Nigerian man says South Africans are angry for nothing

Following the South Africa xenophobic attacks launched on Nigerians. Some Nigerians who were returned home expressed their displeasure on the situation of things.

It was mixed emotions for many of the South Africa returnees as they recounted what they had to go through in the hands of South Africans. Many of the returnees looked forlorn and dejected as they disembarked from the plane.

One of the South Africa returnees who identified himself as Uchenbi was very bitter about the outcome of the event as he talked about the hostility South Africans harbor towards Nigerians. According to him, South Africans are angry at Nigerians for no reason and would blame them for whatever reason they deem fit.

Uchenbi, who has been in South Africa since 2007, said they destroyed his properties and rendered him jobless with the most recent xenophobic attack. The enraged man said he had to leave the country as soon as the opportunity came for him and the over one hundred people who returned home via the Air Peace flight.

Going on, the man said he left his baby while she was sleeping as he had to run for dear life. He said that he took that decision as he could do a lot for his family with him being alive; he envisioned that his wife who is not a Nigerian will suffer there if he got killed in the madness.

Uchenbi said he was bleeding in his heart as he spoke; he appreciated the Nigerian consulate general who made their return possible with his effort. The South Africa returnee also mentioned that a fight almost broke out at the South African airport as they were being pushed here and there with their passports. He said they did not want to let them go despite the harsh way they were being treated.

This was his explanation for their late arrival as they landed in Nigeria later than expected. He lamented that the country left him wrecked as he has nothing to show for his many years of stay. As he spoke, more Nigerians came down from the plane. Some were seen with children as they walked past Uchenbi who had many reporters gathered around him.

The aggrieved Nigerian said that the plan South Africans have is to get rid of the blacks in their country before sending the whites away. According to him, many cars and properties were destroyed. He condemned the xenophobic attack and said that once he is settled in Nigeria, he will start making arrangement for his wife and baby to join him here.

The South Africa returnees hurdled together under a shed at the airport and sang the national anthem in order to encourage themselves.

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