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Women take canes to Church to flog ‘Spiritual husbands’ denying them marriage

Just like a drama for all Nigerians female congregations seeking for husband and wielding canes to flog spiritual husbands preventing them from getting married

A photo currently circulating the internet has shown what appears to be a church congregation filled with women holding canes and praying fervently while a woman who is presumed to be the leader/pastor urges them on.

In what appears to be a desperate move by some spinsters who continue to pray for marriage without any success, they have on the instruction of a prophetess stormed a church with long canes for a battle with what they termed ‘spiritual husbands’

According to the head of the Church who is a woman, she had a vision that most of the ladies were finding it difficult to marry because they had been married spiritually to the demon and therefore needed to engage in a battle with the said spiritual husbands to break themselves away from his shackles.

As a result, she directed each to bring a long cane for the rituals meant to flog the devil until he gave up on them in order to pave way for them to marry physically.

Newsflash247 is unable to verify where this Church is located but a female member who first posted the picture on her Facebook page captioned it “I bruised the spiritual husband by flogging the hell out of him. Now I am free to marry”

It is not known which part of the bible this kind of instruction is enshrined in or perhaps it appears a different doctrine is being practiced different from what is generally known in church.

Meanwhile the internet has been thrown into a puddle of laughter ever since a photo of an all female-congregation holding canes to reportedly ‘flog their spiritual husbands’.

In Africa, the institution of marriage is held in high esteem and a lot of pressure is often put on women to find husbands.

This is the major reason a lot of women go the extra miles to ‘secure’ a husband so as to be respected in the society.

According to the Facebook user, Nwobi Zuby Kingsely, who shared the photo, the women actually wielded those canes to flog their spiritual husbands preventing them from getting married.

While these ladies have taken the battle to the spiritual realm, this Nigerian lady decided to take hers to social media to influence her relationship status.

The lady identified on Twitter as Simisola revealed she is looking for a husband.

The lady who is 20 years old gave a brief biography of herself after indicating her interest in a man.

These details basically conveyed the fact that she had what it takes to be married and for her, she really intended to be settled by the year 2022.

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