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Weekend Joke: Homeless Man Using PDP’s Banner As Bed, APC’s Flex As Roof

Before the former governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, launched the gentle revolution that restored sanity and beautified many locations under flyovers, popularly known as “under bridge” in Lagos ,it is very common mostly in Lagos state that homeless man or lady sleeping under the bridge.

Lagos has an estimated population of 21 million people living in the smallest state in Nigeria. in spite of the opportunities and wealth in the state, poverty still exists.
Lagos is a state that is seemingly divided into half: the affluent and the poor with a sprinkle in the middle. For those who belong to the lower rung of the ladder, life can be very difficult. the three basic necessities of life which are food, clothing and shelter might be extremely difficult and in some cases almost impossible to get.
Getting a roof over one’s head is a luxury for some people in Lagos. Under rain or shine, their home is in the home. their roof is the sky and the sand is their carpet.
The picture below tell a story of homless man using PDP’s banner as bed and APC’s flex as roof over his head.

This is nigeria.

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