Watch: Xenophobia: South Africans Attack Pakistanis, Loot Their Shops [VIDEO]

  • Again, South Africans attack Pakistanis, loot their shops after forcing some Nigerians to leave their country
  • Just when we thought the looting had come to an end, a video showing a large group of vandals rampaging through a foreign-owned shop in Witbank, Mpumalanga.
  • The police were outnumbered as scores of looters rampaged a foreign-owned shop in Witbank

Days after stealing and vandalising some of the Nigerians stores and properties in South Africa, South Africans move towards the Pakistanis by looting their shops.

A video which has gone viral on social media, captured moment some Pakistani traders engaged in a fight with some South Africans who attacked and looted their stores.

  Some looters were spotted fleeing with some appliances looted from stores owned by foreigners during the attack which occurred at Witbank on Wednesday September 11.

While a Pakistani man who seem to have had enough of the looters was spotted hitting one of the men who came out of his store, the video also showed that a police officer was present at the scene of the incident but he was outnumbered by the looters.

Two other shop owners also turned up to beat up a second man.

The police officer however intervened and broke up the scuffle.

Police spokesperson Brig Leonard Hlathi said three people were arrested for looting and also added that some of the stolen items were recovered.

“We also had a meeting with the shop owners and business people to try to put a plan in place.

We are also going to do patrols.” He said calm had been restored on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the police were outnumbered as scores of looters rampaged a foreign-owned shop in Witbank

Watch the Video:

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