VIDEO: Prophetess reveals where Buhari’s successor will come from

The general overseer of Christ Anointing and Revival Ministry, Prophetess Oby-Judith Chamberlain has said that the successor of Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 will not be a pastor.

Prophetess Chamberlain said the person that will succeed President Buhari in 2023 is someone who is close to him.

According to the who interview the Prophetess, “said the person is neither a pastor nor working for the president at the moment but insists the person is close to the president. She compared the successor to the Biblical David whom she said was close to Saul”.

The religious woman said President Buhari was ordained to be president by God to mend Nigerians and make them return to God. She said in spite of the hardship, some people are still successful in their ventures.

Chamberlain noted that she faced criticism when she prophesied before the 2019 presidential election that the winner would be ‘an old king in a new garment.’

She said she may receive criticism for this new prophesy but insists the president’s successor will be clearly revealed before the end of his administration.

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Recall that popular Christian cleric, Tunde Bakare, made clarifications about the trending video of him claiming that he had revelation from God that he would be the next president of Nigeria.

Bakare made the explanations to his congregation during a sermon at his Lagos-based Latter Rain Assembly.

According to the lawyer-turned-cleric, the video was just him expressing his aspiration to lead the country which was within his rights as provided by the Nigerian Constitution. What God showed him, he said, was his private business.

“It is the true expression of my political ambition. Whatever God has shown me is my private ambition,” Bakare said.

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