A man Fills up basket with water

VIDEO: Man Fills Up a Basket With Water

A Powerful Voodoo Man Fills Up A Basket With Water to prove his powers work, he fills up the basket with water and empty’s it severally before the public.

Normally, a basket can never hold water because of it’s porous nature. But wonders shall never end, as far as African Magic is concerned.

A Ghanaian fetish was seen in a video trending on social media with a basket full of water.

With confidence, he challenged people around to try him and the power.

He asked them to pour the water away and he refilled the basket again with a bucket full of water.

From the background noise, the man is believed to be a Damgbe.

A lot of people have different view and perspective towards this unimaginable tricks; some think its magic, some says it’s ‘juju’ while a lot  didn’t comment about this.

Watch the video below :

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