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VIDEO: I wish to lay on a mattress before I die – Old woman

An old woman named as Yaya Kwanjit, resident in Saanbona, northeast region of Ghana, has stated her utmost wish in life; all she wants is to lie on a mattress.

According to the JoyNews, who revealed that the old woman who does not know her age has two children who do not live with her.

Yaya, her two kids migrated to Southern Ghana in search of greener pastures and out of the two, only one of them visits her periodically.

In an interview, the old woman indicates that she got blind after she gave birth to her second child and she believes that if she had money to take care of herself, she would have still had her sight.

 She also added that even though she does not know her age, she believes to be way younger than how she looks and attributes her looks also to a lack of money.

At her old age and in her condition, Yaya narrates how she goes some days without food.

According to her, being poor simply means not having the ability to afford what one likes.

She says there are times she wishes to drink malt, eat banku and other meals but sometimes, all she has is water which she drinks throughout the day.

Yaya mentions that the only thing she wants now beyond all else is to lie on a mattress at least before death takes her away.


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