VIDEO: Corper Denied Clearance For Converting NYSC Khaki To Skirt

The viral video of a Muslim corp member shamefully shooed away and denied clearance has become a growing sensation after it was first shared on social media space.

The corp member who’s name is yet to be known at the filing of this report was seen rocking a long hijab and a long Khaki shirt.

Newsflash247 gathered that the Muslim youth corper was denied and prevented from the monthly clearance for converting her NYSC Khaki to skirt.

The dress codes of the National Youth Service Corps do not condone any other attire asides the traditionally Khaki trousers and white shirt. Which is quite a difficulty for overly religious youth corp members to keep hence going against the rule.

The officials denied her from entry and at the background of the video, her colleagues were all laughing at her.

The lady who seemed to be in tears, held her head down as she walked away from the scene.

Watch the video here:

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Victor Akande

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