VIDEO: 80 Nigerians Deported From Abroad For Spraying Money On Nigerian Pastor

No less than eighty (80) Nigerians were allegedly arrested and deported from Indonesian for spraying money during Anambra-based pastor, Chukwuemeka Odumeje’s recent visit in Jakarta.

The church program was reportedly organized by some Nigerians living in Jakarta and it allegedly began with spraying of money which is said to be part of the Anambra-based Pastor’s style of ministration.

The display of wealth has led to the arrest of Nigerians who are reportedly undocumented migrants without work permit and valid visa.

According to reports, over 80 of them were allegedly deported as the Indonesian Government wondered how undocumented migrants with no valid work visa or work permit will have such amount of money to spray in a crusade.

Landlords have also been asked to report undocumented Nigerians living in their property.

Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje’s recent visit to Indonesia, has reportedly led to a raid targeted at Nigerians by the country’s government over an alleged “display of wealth at the event”. 

Nigerians arrested and deported by Indonesian government for allegedly spraying money during Pastor Odumeje?s visit (video)

It was learnt that the Indonesian government are wondering how undocumented migrants without valids visas or work permit came about such amount of money.

Meanwhile, Newsflash247 had earlier reported that the Anambra-based prophet spraying money in Onitsha and turned God’s house to worship of mammon.

The biblical quote that said judgment must first begin in the house of God is playing out itself in the Church as an Onitsha-based cleric, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere aka Odumeje turned God’s house to worship of mammon.

The cleric in frenzy dance with another worshipper, spraying money as members of the congregation watched in dismay the arrogant display of wealth.

According to an Instagram user, eye.renee, “This is not a church, it is a Mammon shrine! They are encouraging their congregation to worship money! And people wonder why crime rate is up! pity.”

Recently, the same pastor body slammed a physically challenged woman on chairs in a church service in the name of deliverance.

In that video, Odumeje enacted a scene in World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, as he picked up the woman on his shoulder, turned round and slammed her in fleet of chairs

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