Tinubu Campaign Signboard Was Spotted “Vote BAT 2023’’

The former Lagos state Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu has declared his interest to run for Nigeria 2023 presidency under the umbrella of All progressive congress (APC).

Nigerians has reacted on social media after seeing a campaign signboard that stated “BAT 2023”

What do you think about this?

See People React:

@ Amanro, People actually don’t want a “bat” rulling them. We are in a holocaust and our options are the likes of Atiku Tinubu Buhari? I weep for Nigeria.

@Richman, Bat ko —insect ni

@ IBYoneGod, Nigerians dont want a witchcraft element like mohomodu buha again

@delishpot, Many Nigerians are so annoying. At any given time in every election they have option to put in someone else, someone from ather parties besides APC and PDP. But they all act dumb as if PDP and APC are the only 2 options they have. You guys should enjoy your foolishness. That is what a group of people who always look for excuse for their shitty life choices.

See photo below

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