Religion and Tradition is Nigeria Nightmare not leadership – Egba

Religion and Tradition is Nigeria Nightmare not leadership

I haven’t done much research on the challenges faced by Nigeria as nation derived his conclusion that, Nigeria can only be one if we all keep religion and tradition aside and focus on humanity as a creature which the Almighty created without any ideology difference.

if We practice love in its purest conception with looking segregating, when we come to the realization of that what is good for a northerner is also good for a southerner and an easterner, an Ibo man can marry a Fulani woman, tribal differences should be done away with, then Nigeria will see the needed light as promised by the Almighty.

Chief Samuel further sighted many examples on how love conquers all.

Power is given by God, not by man, he also highlighted that the love for materialism should be killed totally if we must build and develop the nation to what we so desire for the future of our unborn.

Chief Samuel Egba,


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