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PHOTOS: Residents Struggle To Sell Black And White TV In Ekiti

There are funny scenes in Ekiti State as residents’ troop out when the Electronics Contractors hit Ado Ekiti, the state capital on Friday, February 7, as they started buying old black and white TV at the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira.

Newsflash247 online news portal gathered that, it was indeed a tug of war at Ori Apata, opposite School of Nursing Adebayo, Ado-Ekiti, the state capital as some residents struggled to sell their black and white television to the buyers of the commodity.

The contractors offer an amount of N250,000, N200,000 for each genuine one they found and in for sale.

This has caused a lot of commotion among the youngster by searching there grandparents’ house to see if they can had a luck of finding one.

This television had a method of confirming the quality to be genuine by putting a shaving blade on the screen of the television.

If the shaving blade happens to magnetize with the television screen that show it’s genuine, else the contractor who purchase them won’t buy it.

For about two weeks now, there has been desperate demand for black and white TV by some group of people with a buying price of N250,000.

The buyers who were stationed at a location in Ori Apata area of Ado-Ekiti were besieged by a large crowd of people who intended to sell the product as well as onlookers.

However, some criminal elements took advantage of the rough arena to steal two motorcycles.

According to the report said two motorcyclists popularly known as ‘Okada’ belonging to some of those who came to sell their TVs were taken away by unknown persons.

The owners of the motorcycles had queued to sell the television they brought only to discover later that their bikes were missing.

Aside the stolen bikes, many of the people who came to sell their products were disappointed as the buyers were said to be in demand for a special maker.

Narrating their ordeal, some of the people claimed that they traveled from far and wide to Ado-Ekiti only to be told that the product they brought does not match with the demand of the buyers.

Due to speculating rumored that the same set of people bought the products yesterday at Odo Ado area with huge amount of money.

Some of the marketers that spoke with the  Federal radio, progress FM reporter said that not all the TV that was brought to the venue were marketable but those that were tested with razor blades .

About (500) five hundred TVs were sighted on the role as their owners were lobbying to get the tag numbers that will avail them to meet with the buyers.

Residents Struggle To Sell Black And White TV In Ekiti

Some of the people who their TV were rejected counting their lost said that they traveled from Omuo, Ikole and Igbara Odo-Ekiti to Ado-Ekiti to sell their TV.

Two Motorcycles were reportedly missing as their owners were struggled to get the tag numbers.

Residents Struggle To Sell Black And White TV In Ekiti

Some elderly people hang around wondered what could the young men do with the old products buying with huge among of money.

The groups of buyers write the names and phone numbers of those who their TVs meet up with their demand with promised to pay them tomorrow.

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