Nigerian man weds American lady in Akwa Ibom

PHOTOS: Nigerian man weds American lady in Akwa Ibom

Nigerian Man who identified as Etido Etim Inyang hails from Mbiafun-Nkwono Ikono Local Govt of Akwa Ibom state tied the knot with his American bride identified as Luiz Vasquez.

An American Woman getting married to her Nigerian heartthrob is a classic definition of Love.

The photos of a Nigerian man who recently wedded his American heartthrob in Akwa Ibom state are trending on social media such as Facebook.

Many Nigerians are quick to suggest that it’s all a farce. Claims of “Green card” marriage has been trending online

Indeed, there are no boundaries that can stop the powerful force of true love. When two people are in love, no barrier is too great to overcome just to be with each other and this reflects in the story of a Nigerian man who recently got married.

A Facebook user identified as “Savik Incee” shared the photos on a group tag “Ibom Rant”

See the photos:

Nigerian man weds American lady in Akwa Ibom (photos)

The post garnered mixed reactions from social media users.

While some people were simply happy and celebrated their love, others believe the man had ulterior motives for marrying the woman whom they think is older than him.

See screenshot of some comments below credited by Legitng:

Nigerian man weds American lady in Akwa Ibom (photos)

Regardless, love is indeed a beautiful thing and being blessed with the opportunity to spend forever after with the love of your life is something many people pray and hope for.

See the photos:

There’s a popular quote which states ; ”Love doesn’t respect borders”. That quote was proven as an American Woman flew all the way from her country to Nigeria to marry her Nigerian Heartrob.

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