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Nigerians react to a bill seeking immunity for lawmakers

Nigerians have reacted to a bill seeking to extend immunity to give leaders of Federal and State legislatures immunity from prosecution for corruption.

On Tuesday, February 25, the bill seeking immunity for Lawmakers from prosecution has scaled second reading in the House of Representatives.

The bill, which was sponsored by Representative Odebunmi Olusegun was supported by the majority of the lawmakers who say it is important to safeguard the sanctity of the National Assembly.

In supporting the bill, Majority Leader, Ado-Doguwa said: “It should be passed for the simple reason that it provides protection for leaders of the legislature considering the important work of the legislature.”

However, the House Minority Leader, Ndudi Elumelu asked the lawmakers to place the interest of their constituents above personal interest.

“Outside here, our people are being killed and butchered. We are coming up with a bill on the issue of immunity while some of us are saying that people should be held accountable for what they do. I think it is wrong and it should not be allowed.”

Some of the lawmakers who opposed the bill argued that it was coming at a time when there are calls for the withdrawal of immunity from the governors.

The lawmakers say there is no need for such a law, especially considering the spate of insecurity in the country.

If the bill eventually becomes a law, it will, therefore, translate into an Act to alter the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as immunity covers the President, Vice President, Governors and their Deputies

Meanwhile, the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has condemned the passing of a bill seeking to give leaders of federal and state legislatures immunity from prosecution for corruption.

SERAP in a statement issued by its Deputy Director, Kolawole Oluwadare on Tuesday, said the move is tantamount to ripping up the nation’s constitution.

The organization, therefore, called on the lower chamber to immediately withdraw the bill, vowing to challenge the decision.

“Providing immunity for presiding officers against crimes of corruption is tantamount to ripping up the constitution. It’s a blatant assault on the rule of law and breach of public trust.

“The leadership of the House of Representatives must immediately withdraw this obnoxious bill. We will vigorously challenge this impunity,” the statement read in part.

Speaking further, SERAP recalled that “countries like Guatemala has voted unanimously to strip their president of immunity from prosecution for corruption, our own lawmakers are moving in the opposite direction.”

The group warned that if the lawmakers have their way by passing the bill into law, they will succeed in denying Nigerians of their rights to make leaders accountable to the people.

Others Nigeria reactions on Facebook are:

@Yakubu Musa Obi, “at this stage, I suggested the total scrap of NASS because if this propose bill come to pass, we don enter one chance”.

@Prince Emry Jinping, “Olusegun Odebunmi aka Bunvic. Chairman, House committee on Information. He and the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed had visited several states (Ilorin,Osogbo etc) for the kickoff of the digital switch over, yet he COULD NOT influence NTA to launch its digital switch over in Ogbomoso and its environs… So shameful and a huge misrepresentation to the poor people of Ogo Oluwa constituency in Oyo state. Shame!

@Emeka Okey Nwagbara, “Bunch of criminals shielding themselves from prosecution. Nigerian lawmakers that have no responsibilities. It is now the ordinary citizen that the law is made for. Unpatriotic lawbreakers

@Adekunle David Dayo, “This is a useless bill of the century! God have mercy on this country! After stolen dollar of naira, run to the senate for refugees camp and now proposing a bill to cover their crime. haba

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