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Nigerians react as Gov Abdulrahman Removes Saraki’s Name From State Varsity

The Nigerians have reacted over the Kwara State governor, Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman, to remove the Olusola Saraki’s name, the father of the former Nigerian Senate President, Bukola Saraki from the State University.

On Tuesday, the Kwara State House of Assembly has amended the Kwara State University Law and changed the name of the institution from Abubakar Olusola Saraki University to Kwara State University.

The Kwara State University (Amendment) Bill 2020 was one of the four amendment bills passed by the Assembly on Tuesday which it said would drive best practices in the education sector and local government administration in the state.

A statement from the Assembly read partly, “The Kwara State University (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which reverted the name of the University from Abubakar Sola Saraki University to Kwara State University has been passed and forwarded to the governor for approval.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerians have reacted over the issued; some Nigerians say it is the right direction and some otherwise.

@ NGpatriot, “A step in the right direction.

@Catabolism, “Government goes, government come! Lawmakers chasing shadows and making laws which add zero benefits to citizens.

@Iyiataata92,”you see the thing called Village People, when the go out for you, they go all out for you. They will never leave you until you’re totally demystified. They don’t give up until they are very sure you won’t rise again. Sorry Bukola but this people aint leaving you any soon.

@ ODB2, “The only reason this current Governor of Kwara is to the point of obsession trying to erase not only Bukola Saraki’s name and legacy but also that of the late senior Saraki is because as far as Kwara goes, their two families have been in competition and political wars since the early 70’s. The Saraki family has always come out tops.

When Lai Mohammed supported the incumbent governor to oust the PDP and also see to Saraki not getting re-elected back to the senate, same Lai Mohammed thought he had arrived in politics as a king maker. Lai will then begin to address himself as the head of the APC in Kwara to the anger of the current Governor. Normally a Governor is the leader of the party in his state and not an appointed minister!

Lai Mohammed was then reminded by the governor to know not only his place in the APC but also Kwara and was reminded of his lowly background and wretched lineage.

Today, Lai dare not talk in Kwara.

Moral of the story: Be careful of what you wish for. In pulling down Saraki, Lai forgot he was installing a governor that was proud, arrogant and quick to remind Lai of his lowly status.

@APCNig, “There is no need for this. I am a Kwaran, I know that Abubakar Olusola Saraki the uselss looter is currently in hell fire for enslaving my people for about 5 decades and even empowering his devilish son Bukola Saraki to continue with the enslavement. However, there is no need to try to erase his legacies. The devilish family did one or two things; let the people continue to see them. Politics without bitterness”.

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