Nigerian Railway Corporation Allegedly Hired 3 NAF Helicopters To Guard Train

The Nigerian Railway Corporation reportedly hired three NAF helicopters to guard a train on its journey from Abuja to Kaduna.

 According to a Twitter user, the Nigerian Railway corporation hired the three NAF helicopters on a ‘private deal’ to guard the train which had two Nigerian Senators and other high ranking officers as its passengers. 

@azeez_Ibrahim11 also wrote; 

“When I saw abt 2 of d Helicopters not more 5minutes later, my thinking was dt d Nigerian security agency have reacted to d kidnappings on d Abuja highway & are combing d Forrest for d marauders. l momentarily felt happy dt at last, something gd was bn done abt d security situatn.”

“My happiness was busted when one of d Nigerian Railways Corporation staff checkn our tickets informed us that d Corporation hired d 3 Helicopters on a private deal to guard us to Kaduna. I was further convinced by his explanation when I did not see d inscription of the Police on any of d Helicopters. That ws how 3 Helicopters hovered over us this mornn until we reached Rigasa.”

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