N-power: Rivers Protest Non-Payment Since Inception, Blame Govt

The inception of N-power Programme (N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro & N-Tax) precisely N-power Tax programme, an offshoot of the poverty and unemployment alleviation programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2017, whereby over 100 youths that are resident in Rivers State, attended the training at Federal Treasury Academy Orozo Abuja under stream 9, 10 and 24, we have since been neglected and abandoned as a result of a show of strength between Federal Government and Rivers State Government.

Both trading blames at each other, several attempt by N-power Tax beneficiaries in Rivers State to get to Rivers State Internal Revenue Service (RIRS) in writing and visit have yielded no result, as we (Rivers State CTLOs) were meant to be given deployment letter by RIRS despite over 8 months (240 days) of working without pay.

The RIRS have denied having any knowledge of the existence of N-power Tax programme in Rivers State, pointing out that they have not been notified by Federal Ministry of Finance Abuja, whereas delegates that were sent to enquire reasons for the total neglect by N-power Tax beneficiaries in Rivers State to Federal Ministry of Finance Abuja months back were clearly told that “Rivers State Government insisted that they don’t need Npower Tax CTLOs in RIRS since it’s a Federal Govt project and that they could act as spy of the Federal Govt in monitoring the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of Rivers State”.

This is regrettable as we have been made to be victims of the Political struggle between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Rivers State Government.

This N-power Tax programme is meant to be a 2-year contract of which beneficiaries are not meant to take up other paid employment opportunities, several letters have been sent to the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo and Ministry of Finance through DHL, Chairman, RIRS Port Harcourt with NO reply whatsoever.

There are few unanswered questions FG and Rivers State Government are yet to answer;

1. Why have Rivers State CTLOs been the only ones that have ignored in the 36 states of the federation?

2. Are they aware of the sacrifices, risk, and commitment we paid for this Programme since our Training in Abuja?

3. Is Rivers State CTLOs still part of the Npower Tax programme?

4. Who is holding back our payments & our deployment letters for 8 months now?

5. Why can’t Rivers State Government through RIRS give us our deployment letters hence they aren’t the ones paying us the N30,000 stipends?

6. Why can’t Federal Government through Federal Ministry of Finance shift us to FIRS in Rivers State since RIRS aren’t ready to give us our deployment letters?

7. In an ideal society, are we supposed to beg for N30,000 stipends we worked for 8months?

8. Are we meant to be punished if any Political rancour exists between FG & Rivers State Government?

9. Why do we keep receiving emails about Tax training in Rivers State from Abuja up till the month of October 2018 when we have not been paid like our colleagues from other states of the federation?

10. Why “always” Rivers State?

Authorities of the Federal Government and Rivers State Govt should respond to our humble plea, shelve their Political sword and differences and pays us our 8 months salary arrears, we are Nigerian Youths, we deserve better treatment than this.!


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