How I use water from dog meat to cure malaria and typhoid – Dog meat seller

A dog meat seller from Ikot-Ekpene in Akwa Ibom state, Austin John, has revealed how he use water from dog meat to cure malaria and typhoid battling him for a long time.

He explained how the use of water from dog meat can be used to stay healthy.

John makes a living by killing dogs and making peppersoup with the meat in Ebute-metta area of Lagos.

Dog meat is being referred to as 404 by people who are familiar with dog meat peppersoup.

He said Dogs are not easy animals to catch particularly when they sense they are in a hostile environment; thus, John showed the tool he uses in getting the dogs to be killed out of the cage.

The tool is made of a long stick with a noose at one end. He explained that the worst thing the dogs can do to him is to bark as he is not within their reach.

John stated that there is no meat like a dog’s own as the consumption is highly beneficial.

According to him, staying for a whole year without killing dogs can make him fall sick. He went on to say people who have been in prison for a while take the water from the dog meat to cleanse their system and flush out all the accumulated toxins in them.

Austin John, Dog meal seller

The dog meat seller said that taking the water from dog meat can help cure malaria fever and typhoid. He added that people suffering from rheumatism can also find the consumption of this water beneficial.

When asked about how he gets the dogs he uses, John said that he goes around town asking people if they are interested in selling. He stated that he has been in this business for a long time; thus, people call him when they have dogs to sell. He also gets dogs from a market in Molete, Ibadan.

John also gave clarification on the breed of dog he kills and uses for peppersoup. The local dogs are basically good for consumption as he shared his concerns about killing and eating other breeds. According to him, the trained dogs might have been given injections which may have negative effect on men if eaten.

The dog seller is of the opinion that local dogs can be eaten irrespective of the diseases or defects that they might have. He also gave an insight on the amount he gets the dogs. The size of the dogs determines the selling price. Some are being bought five thousand naira while others cost as much as ten thousand naira.

Speaking on the patronage he gets, he stated that people eat dog meat a lot. Some go as far as eating fufu and rice with the soup gotten from the dog meat. He added that some people make soups in their houses using the dog meat they buy from him.

He also said that dogs are quite intelligent as their sense of smell helps them in reacting. Thus, dogs bark at him as they can perceive the odour left from dog hunting from his attire .

John considers the selling of dog meat to be his business and means of staying healthy. He got rid of typhoid fever by drinking the water from the dog meat as against using medicine. He is married with two children.

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