Friends contribute money to buy bestfriend a car

Atimes, friends are more important than family. Mizani Rev, a woman from Florida has been fortunate to have her dearest friends surprise her with a car for her birthday.

Mizani Rev’s amazing friends, Jean, Quia, Taty, and Sara had planned eight months to her special day.

According to Metro who reported that they used an app called Quapital and saved N8,000 every week for eight months until they had the funds to surprise their friend with a car for her birthday which made her break down in tears.

Jean, a 23-year-old nurse, who was the mastermind behind the plan shared images on his Twitter handle with the caption:

”My group of friends chipped in to buy our best friend her first car and surprised her with it last night. This was her reaction .”

‘We used an app called Quapital and set it to automatically take $25 a week from our bank accounts and put it into one group fund ‘Zani whip fund’ until we hit our goal and we searched the internet together to find her the best car,” Jean told

Also in the group are two nurses and one waitress, all aged between 22-23 and together they bought her a used 2005 Honda, costing N724,000.

Jean notes that Mizani Rev is ”so selfless and always willing to give her last to anyone in need. She deserved it!”

Watch Mizani Rev’s reaction:

In another report about friends helping out each other, a lady recently shared a story of what her boyfriend did for her best friend.

The lady identified on Twitter as @abii_gibson humored her followers on social media with the heartwarming story of how her boyfriend extended a kind gesture to her female friend who got cheated upon by the person she was dating.

She said her man got flowers for her bestie, just to make her understand that she deserves better than a man that would break her heart.


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