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FG speaks on N-Power test assessment schedule

N-power has said the beneficiaries should disregard any information that did not originate from scheme verified channels.

The Federal Government’s N-Power programme under the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) on Monday, July 6, has debunked the rumour circulating on some social media that the N-Power Batch C test assessment schedule for July 15 – August 31.

N-power has said the beneficiaries should disregard any information that did not originate from scheme verified channels.

N-Power test assessment schedule was circulated on Social Media especially Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and some online sites that the test assessment schedule for different categories.

According the fake news circulated on media said:

“N-POWER Date Programme

July 15th N-Power Tax

July 16th. N-Power Tax

July 17th. N-Power Tax

July 18th. N-Power Tax

July 19th. N-Power Tax

July 20th. N-Power Health

July 21st. N-Power Health

July 22nd. N-Power Health

July 23rd. N-Power Health

July 24th. N-Power Health

July 25th. N-Power Agro

July 26th. N-Power Agro

July 27th. N-Power Agro

July 28th. N-Power Agro

July 29th. N-Power Agro

July 30th. N-Power Agro

July 31st. N-Power Agro

August 1st. N-Power Agro

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August 2nd. N-Power Teach

August 3rd. N-Power Teach

August 4th. N-Power Teach

August 5th. N-Power Teach

August 6th. N-Power Teach

August 7th. N-Power Teach

August 8th. N-Power Teach

August 9th. N-Power Teach

August 10th. N-Power Teach

August 11th. N-Power Teach

August 12th. N-Power Teach

August 13th. N-Power Teach

August 14th. N-Power Teach

August 15th. N-Power Teach

August 16th. N-Power Teach

August 17th-31st result

July 15th -27 applications

Don’t forget to share this post so that others can know when they will be schedule for their exam”

Newsflash247 gathered that the test assessment schedule released on social media was the assessment schedule from 2017.

According to the message sent by N-power on Twitter said:

“Hi there,

Please disregard any information that did not originate from our verified channels.

Any information making the rounds about an assessment schedule should be considered FAKE NEWS.


“We have stated over and over again that news that doesn’t emanate from our handles or website is FAKE NEWS.

Kindly disregard this”.

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