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Covid-19 lockdown: Poor widow cooks stones to feed her hungry children

For the lockdown in Kenya and some countries across the globe in order to battle the Covid-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus pandemic, a poor woman from Kenya has reportedly cooking stones to feed for her children.

To survive the economic hardship that the ongoing lockdown is causing, a woman named Peninah Bahti Kitsao living in Mombasa, Kenya, has been cooking stones for her children.

Before the coronavirus lockdown, the woman worked as a local laundrywoman. Now that restriction is in play, her customer base has drastically dwindled, BBC News reports.

Peninah said that she always hoped they would fall asleep as they wait on end for the meal (stones) to get done.

Her neighbour, Prisca Momanyi, who was taken aback by the whole act, informed the media about the woman’s plight.

After she was interviewed by NTV, the woman has since received help as many donated money to her bank account that was opened for her by Momanyi.

The widow said she could not believe people would come to her rescue the way they did, calling everything a big miracle.

In speaking with the media, she said that she had to resort to that tactic because she had nothing.

The widow, however, said that the children later knew that they were being lied to.

“They started telling me that they knew I was lying to them, but I could do nothing because I had nothing,” she said.

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