Again, Kano Court Acquits Deji Adeyanju Of Murder Charges

The Kano State High Court on Friday discharged and acquitted activist, Deji Adeyanju, of murder charges.

Mr Adeyanju was arrested on December 13 over allegations he was involved in a murder in Kano in 2005 of which his lawyers said he was acquitted of in 2009.

Justice Rabiu Sadiq ruled on Friday morning that the case contained exactly the same grounds for which Adeyanju was discharged and acquitted 10 years ago.

The judge, however, did not award any damage to Adeyanju as none was sought by his lawyers.

The activist spent 78 days at Kano Central Prison between the day of his arrest until March 1, 2019, when he was released on bail.

Although, he was first granted bail in February, his release was stalled for several weeks despite meeting conditions, amidst allegations that the court registrar absconded.

Throughout the trial, Adeyanju insisted that the police were victimising him for criticising President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. He said he was kept in prison to deprive him the freedom of participating in the general elections of February 2019.

The police, however, denied the allegation.

No damages were awarded to Mr Adeyanju by the judge because his lawyers did not seek damages in the court filings.

The activist welcomed the ruling on Friday morning, saying he was not surprised because he never doubted his innocence. He also vowed to continue his activism towards a better Nigeria.

Source: Newsflash247

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