2023: Presidency Speaks Buhari’s Third Term Bid

The Presidency has denied that the president is seeking to amend the constitution which will allow President Buhari run for a third term in office.

In a series of tweet by the spokesperson for the president, Garba Shenu, he shared as follows:

“The Presidency wishes to correct internet-based gossip and un-informed media commentary regarding presidential term limits, given credence by so-called support groups, staging street demonstrations asking President @MBuhari to do a third term.” 

“There are no circumstances – nor set of circumstances – under which President Buhari may seek to amend the Constitution regarding the two-term term limit on holding office as President.”

“President Buhari intends to serve his full second elected term in office, ending 2023 – and then there shall be a general election in which he will not be a candidate.”

“There is not even the faintest possibility that this will change.”

“It is important to note that there was a past attempt to change the Constitution to allow for the-then incumbent president to stand for a third term. That attempt was wrong, unconstitutional – and rightly rebuffed.”

“No such attempt will happen under this President.”

“President Buhari is a democrat. He respects the Constitution. Any activity aimed at altering the two-term limit will not succeed and shall never have his time nor support.” Shehu explained.

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