Senate Presidency: APC should commend me for contesting against Lawan – Ndume

Borno South Senator, Ali Ndume, said the All Progressives Congress (APC) should commend him for insisting on running in the election of the Senate President of the ninth Senate.

Mr Ndume eventually lost the election to the candidate endorsed by the APC, Ahmed Lawan.

Mr Ndume said his insistence on contesting has portrayed the party as democratic.

Having scored 28 votes, Mr Ndume lost to Mr Lawan who polled 79 votes.

Addressing journalists after the election, Mr Ndume said he had no regret losing the election.

“Party or democracy without election is not democracy,” he said.

“That is why it is very important to stand for and defend the constitution. Section 50 (1), that the Senators shall elect the senate president and his deputy from among themselves and that was what happened. When they did that election, I got 28 or thereabout, that is democracy in action, no matter the imperfection.

“I insisted on secret balloting because in democracy, an election must be seen to be free and fair and this election was conducted freely and fairly through the open secret balloting which gives credibility to the process.

“If I had agreed with the anointment of Ahmad Lawan as the Senate President, in line with the directive of the party, there won’t have been an election and it would have dented the image of the party and the government. That is why I don’t see myself as a loser. I have won and I think the party should commend me.”

After administration of oath on other senators and a speech by the new Senate President, the Senate adjourned till Thursday, June 13.

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