2019 Elections: Fulani Group Speaks On Endorsing Buhari

A Fulani group, Gan Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria, has distanced itself from what it described as ‘dangerously selfish and unilateral endorsement’ of President Muhammadu Buhari as its candidate in the forthcoming presidential election.

Reacting to the alleged endorsement of PMB in 2019 by some pastoralists, the National Secretary-General of the association, Ibrahim Abdullahi, in a statement issued in Kaduna, said the recent endorsement of a candidate by a group of pastoralists could if allowed unchallenged, pitch the innocent, maligned and neglected pastoralists against other Nigerians.

The group noted that the endorsement would create more hardship on pastoralists in states governed by other political parties.

The National Secretary General called on candidates from other political parties and other Nigerians to disregard the ‘so-called’ endorsement by some selfish individuals who do not care whatever happens to their members as long as they can satisfy their pecuniary interests.

He added, “The association held an emergency meeting to discuss wide-ranging issues affecting pastoralists across the nation with a view to proffering solution and way forward.

“The meeting observed that recently, some pastoralists associations have enmeshed themselves and their members into partial politics, a position that could further escalate their already degenerating relationships with other segments of the society.

“The meeting, therefore, condemned these pronouncements made without any consultation and or consensus by the generality of the pastoralists across the country.

“We call on pastoralists to vote for any candidate who has a programme that will alleviate their suffering irrespective of party, tribe or religion.”

The group disclosed that the association has concluded plans to embark on ‘ruga to ruga’ or hamlet to hamlet consultations across the country to sensitise pastoralists on how best to approach the coming general elections in the country.

It called on candidates from other political parties to feel free and highlight their polices and programmes as they affect the welfare and well-being of Nigerian pastoralists.

It urged traditional leaders who are not partisan to call leaders of these associations to order to ensure and sustain a harmonious environment before, during and after the elections.

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Sade Adewale

Sade Adewale is an experienced editor. She Studied Sociology at the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti. Diploma in Journalism in Lateef Jakande House, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos State. Contact: [email protected]

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