Petrol truck gutted fire In Lagos

A truck reportedly conveying kegs of petrol was gutted by fire at the early hours of Friday at Allen Junction, Ikeja, Lagos.

Though the vehicle was completely burnt in the inferno, it was gathered that nobody died in the incident.

According to eyewitnesses, the fire was triggered by leakage from the container of petrol inside the vehicle.

The brand of the vehicle and the plate number are unknown as it was totally burnt when SaharaReporters got to the scene.

However, some eyewitness said the truck was a Toyota Hilux while some said it was a Ford Ranger.

An official of Lagos state emergency service who refused to disclose his identity said, “When the fire started, we learned that it was caused by leakage from the PMS the vehicle was carrying.

When the fire started, people were getting out of their cars with fire extinguishers, but the PMS in the truck exploded. Then, people had to run away for safety.

“No one could get close to the vehicle. When the fire guys came, they did all they could to put off the fire.

“All security agencies were also here to ensure that the incident doesn’t get out of hands,” he said.

Another eyewitness said when the fire started, hoodlums in the area-attacked policemen on the ground.

The fire had been totally put out at the time of making this report.

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