Lagos State Introducing Rtv(radio,television) Levy Fee

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Lagos State government has introduced the Radio and Television levy fees to all residential building in Lagos.

The bill depends on many rooms or flat in a house and they have discounts for the bunglaw building.  Gradually Lagos state is turning into London where one pay tax on every single property.

According to the residence said “Just this morning did some govt workers from my local govt council(Agbado Oke Odo) brought a levy notice to my area, Radio and television levy fee, which is compulsory for every residential building in Lagos the fees rate is;
DUPLEX-N1500….well d bill now depends on how many rooms/flat u have in a house and yeh there are discounts for bungalow building..the good part of it is that we pay per annum at least we thank God it was not every month”


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