Ekiti 2018: Who will wear the crown

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In the next four months, electorates in Ekiti State will be voting for a Governor who will take over the affair of the state for the next four years.

Awareness has been on since last year as it was seen on the posters in most town in Ekiti and on social media.

Many of the aspirants are strategising in order to make their popularity known to their party by taking their campaign to the grassroots.

With observation on the heat of campaign by the political parties in the state, one out of the two major parties in the state(PDP and APC) will produce who’ll wear the crown.

Ekiti will be producing the 11th governor in 19years

Here are the reasons

Fayose will like to retain the state under PDP: As we all know that Ekiti state is the only southwestern state that is being governed by PDP. The likes of Fayose, Wike and co will like to retain the mandate for their party. Losing Ekiti state to APC will have impacts on PDP especially in 2018 general election.

APC will like to win the state: Using the case of Lagos State as an example, during Goodluck Jonathan regime, PDP tries every possible best to win Lagos State because it was the only state under the opposition since 1999 in the southwest then.
If you think APC will not do anything possible to win the election, then you may be wrong.

It’s the most competitive governorship election ever in Ekiti state: I haven’t seen a more competitive gubernatorial election like this in Nigeria since 1999. Do you believe that people contesting for APC primary election in the state are more than 3?.
In total, more than 60 candidates are vying for the post.Apart from this, more people will still show interest.

Many of the Aspirants are not first-timers in the game: Yes, you heard it right. Most of the aspirants are not the first timer.The likes of M.O.B, Orire, Adeyeye, Bejide, Omoyeni has contested in the previous gubernatorial election. Some are political office holder ranging from senators to deputy governor, appointees and so on.

It will draw a lot of international observers: Since the last general election where Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat against Buhari, International community has been shifting their attention to Nigeria elections. Most of the international organisation will like to come so as know how the election will be.

Remember, this election is like a preparation ground for the next general election…

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